• Cheat Meal

    Cheat Meal

    The first thing that you must understand, according to my point of view, is that there is no stipulated cheat meal, there is no specific food to skip the diet, it is directly related to the concept of "what we would like to eat at that moment that we can not habitually allow ", it means that someone will choose a salty option and others will choose sweet. There are certain characteristics that we must take into account, both beneficially and in a harmful way; and after several years putting it into practice with patients, I think it is much...

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  • Biological value - vegetable protein

    Biological value - vegetable protein

    Nowadays there are more people who because ideology, customs, need or even lack of information, try to limit the consumption of animal protein, well, in this article I try to expose some of the most important reasons to take into account, finishing with some examples of foods that currently are very fashionable to replace this protein of animal origin. I would like to point out before starting that the United Nations Organization, for food and agriculture (FAO), has warned of the need to reduce meat consumption for the sustainability of the planet's resources. On the other hand, more intestinal problems...

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